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Biella Research offers a wide range of R&D related services including;


We offer excellent support to companies unaccustomed to R&D activities. To maximise effectiveness, our focus is on agile and fast execution. Frequently projects involve bringing together multiple suppliers and partners in a collaborative environment and we have a track record of bringing together these parties that have sometimes included commercial competitors!

In addition we have considerable experience in managing complex  projects involving a wide range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electronic, and software components.


Some clients require a directional steer on their activities, and in these cases we have offered reports outlining innovative areas of development which have the potential to offer significant business benefit. A particular focus of these reports is not only to identify areas of activity, but also, how to turn these into tangible projects with practical execution. Frequently these projects  include customer engagement in addition to engineering design and development.


The European cycling industry is forecasting phenomenal growth in the sector, and the recent Declaration on Cycling underlines the importance of this to the EU. This landscape calls for revised strategic thinking in a sector where most R&D is undertaken in Asia. With over 35years R&D experience across corporate and academic organisations in the energy and transport sectors, we can offer valuable insight in how to help Europe become the global leader in product development for urban cycling related products.

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