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In 2019, Biella Research formed a company Stack Rack Bicycles Ltd which successfully demonstrated a unique Bike Share platform which focused on integrating Bike Share to public transport in order to maximise opportunities for modal shift from the car.

The system comprises:

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A modular docking stacking bicycle rack which holds 6 bicycles. Bicycles can be a wide range of off the shelf products requiring minimal or no modifications.

The rack is 1,9m long with autonomous battery power and a unique tripod bolted ground attachment for uneven surfaces.

Bicycles can be unlocked/locked using either a contactless card or smart phone app with bluetooth.

Docking stations can be made up of multiple racks for 6,12,18...etc bicycles.

wix app image.tif

An easy to use iOS and Android app for registered users, with a unique pre-booking facility so users can ensure there are bikes availabe for part of their integrated journey.

To further expand the system functionality, there is an "integral bicycle lock" under development for locking bikes while in use between destination docking stations.

wix backend2.tif

A secure Django rest backend for easy operation of registered users, booking set up, and real time system operations.

The system can be configured for embedding in client sites or, alternatively, run as an independent operation.

There is the option for integrating with a payment system interface.

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