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Biella Research was formed by Charles Carey in 1996 as an agile R&D facility with design, manufacture, and test facilities. Initially focussing on powertrain con-rod development, work progressed to energy solutions such as domestic demand side management using the FM RDS broadcast facility. More recently, work has focused on bike share and bicycle technology, focusing on Europe. With over 30 years of R&D experience, innovative technologies have been developed for the urban bicycle environment including:


* Stack Rack Bicycles  - a compact bike share docking station solution - see Bike Share

* The "ugly duckling"  UD1 &UD3 urban public bike - see Urban Bike

Charles Carey

An engineer with 35+yrs in Applied R&D in the Transport and Energy Sectors.

Powertrain Design at Lotus Engineering and Centro Ricerche Fiat, Programme Director at Warwick University, Head of R&D at SSE.

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